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Civitavecchia / Rome More Attractive Tourist

Civitavecchia is a city in Lazio, located in the Greater Metropolitan Rome, between the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Tolfa Mountains. It is the main port of the capital Rome, which is still more than 70 km away. It is also the starting point of many connections with Sardinia and Corsica by ferry. Civitavecchia is known as the number 1 port in the region for trade, fishing and industrial activities such as petrochemicals, agribusiness and metallurgy. As much to say that the tourist attractions of the city are limited, but the beauty of the capital reaches you …

The arrival at the port

The arrival at the port of Civitavecchia is not very glamorous. Your cruise ship arrives in a port area where cruise ships and container carriers mix. We dock bow prow with a boat company Costa cruise at a distance so small separating the two ships that it makes you dizzy. The descent is done in calm despite the excitement aboard some passengers, no doubt eager to join the MSC bus excursions waiting for them at the foot of the boat.

To get out of the port and for security reasons, you will need to take a free shuttle bus to the exit of the port. You will be dropped off on a large car park at the entrance of the city center, where many taxis and many tour companies await you.

If you have to go to Rome from Civitavecchia choose Cab Roma and select the service Civitavecchia Port to Rome Transfer and enjoy your trip to discover the eternal city.

Visit Civitavecchia

Being totally objective, by making stopover in this city, to visit Civitavecchia does not have much interest. Unless you know Rome at your fingertips and want to enjoy the comfort of your boat, I strongly advise you to go to the Italian capital without any hesitation.

Some points of interest of Civitavecchia:

Visit the city at your own pace and on foot. It is useless to take a taxi or other public transport network.

Renaissance construction

Visit of the solid Renaissance construction with impressive dimensions will not take you more than 30 minutes but deserves a look!

St Cathedral

The Cathedral of St, Francis of Assisi is quite simple from the outside; the interior is surprising and worth seeing. I also invite you to walk along a palm lined promenade that gives you a pretty exotic feel along the long beach of the city. Enjoy sculptures, flower beds and ice creams for your enjoyment!

Before leaving Civitavecchia for the Italian capital, it is necessary to remind you that Rome is located 70 km from the port where you have just docked. As much to say to you that it is inevitable to calculate your time well so that this stopover is a success.

You will to take the train connecting Civitavecchia to Rome. To do this, nothing simpler, you just have to walk barely 20 minutes towards the station of the city. Rest assured, many cruise lines will do as you do, follow the group and read the city signs indicating the station.

This is how your visit to Rome ends, because time is your biggest constraint in this stopover, the port of Civitavecchia being particularly remote. Plan to take the train to Roma Termini station at least 3 hours before the departure of your cruise ship.