Enjoy the trip to Cameron highlands and make your best tour to Malaysia

Malaysia has always been a significant location to travel and enjoy. But when it comes to the tripping to Malaysia, you can enjoy a perfect travel by bus to Cameron Highlands and truly enjoy the nature and its beauty.

Looking to the history of the place, the Cameron Highlands is one of the unique highlands that is situated at about 150 km north of Kuala Lumpur and is about 20 km east of the city Ipoh. Because of this location, the place is quite cooler with about 25 degree Celsius but it even sometimes goes below 20 degree Celsius that rest of Malaysia. This highland is named after William Cameron who was a British expedition leader. The place was discovered during an expedition during 1885, from that moment this have got an increasingly interesting way for the British. This is going to be a place loaded with perfect climate and is very much suitable for cultivating tea. This is possibly one of the biggest locations where tea is grown across the region of Malaysia.

Centre of attraction:-

It is really amazing to travel by bus to Cameron highlands because the reason is characterized by an extensive tea plantation. People mostly come here to escape heat and do some walking to get refreshed. Apart from that there are some more attractive locations here like that of mossy forest, rafflesia tour, strawberry farm, rose garden, Chinese temple, cactus valley and vegetable farms. At weekends you can make your way to the night market where you can get fresh meat, fishes and fruits &vegetables. One can take the enjoyment of the local snacks in the evening and make your day best to tour Cameron highlands.

Special location to visit;-

In the surrounding area of the Cameron highlands, there are a large number of Orang asli villages which you can visit. They are the original inhabitants of Malaysia in their authentic community. By bus this is going to be an easiest way to visit the attractions is by organizing tours. This is found cheaper in comparison to touring similar areas in Malaysia. When you travel by bus, this is going to be one the best way to enjoy.

There is mossy forest, which is a combination of visiting the BOH tea plantation which is also called the cloud forest. In the early morning, when there is a temperature rise, you can witness the whole dense forest covered with white mist. These trees look magical as they are all covered in green moss. There you can spot out numerous pitcher plants that are easy to spot. You can also see beautiful plants including white orchids and even a couple of nice beetles. The mossy forest is truly incredible and is must a visit at Cameron highlands. You can carry camera with you for capturing these amazing pictures in your camera. Cameron highlands are one of the best places that you might have ever visited. This is a divine location where nature has spread its beauty to an endless extent.