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Making Steroids Work Safely

Scientifically and anecdotally, steroids has been proven to boost muscle strength. No one can question the benefits they offer athletes and body builders. But, as with any other drug out there, you need to take steroids with care.

The following are tips for taking steroids in an effective and save manner:

Get your doctor’s clearance.

Before you start taking steroids, have you doctor clear you. Most side effects are not really because of the steroids themselves, but conditions that already exist in the body. For example, if your lifestyle has made you prone to hypertension or liver disease, you may experience an aggravation of symptoms. If you’re generally healthy, your chances of developing side effects is considerably slimmer; and should they occur, it will be easy to make them go away just by stopping your use of the steroids. That’s why it’s important to get a full medical consultation before taking any of these drugs.

Aim for quality, not just quantity.

Gaining weight when you cycle isn’t difficult, but the bigger feat is to preserve the large part of it. This is something a lot of steroid users miss as they focus on their efforts on the cycle itself. There are steroids that cause more water retention than the others, so the weight you gain could be due to water instead of increased muscle tissue. To avoid this, pick a steroid that make you retain less water, and make sure to combine it with the right diet and exercise.

Go for a short steroid cycle.

If you want to gain muscle, a long cycle is definitely better than a short one. But for the sake of safety, keep it to 3 to five weeks. If you really want to make it longer, make sure you compensate by watching your diet more closely. On the other hand, while a short steroid cycle will not give you bigger muscles, it can offer you higher quality muscles that remain even if you cease taking the steroids.

Follow a low dose.

If you go with a lower dose, you experience less side effects, such as baldness, gynecomastia, acne, and the rest.

Use quality steroids.

There are many high quality products in the market and you just have to do a little research to know what they are and find them. But as expected, you have to spend a slightly bigger amount as well. To get good results, don’t hesitate to invest in a good product. It’s always better to wait and save enough to purchase a quality product, rather than buying a cheap but poor quality one.

At the end of the day, just remember that steroids can be effective for you without putting your health in jeopardy. And choose a supplier who has your complete trust.

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