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Plan Your Wedding in Mont St Michel

Wedding is a sacred ritual for everyone after being in a relationship with someone they love in such a periodic time. Choosing a place for your wedding is a must. Mont St Michel Wedding is a good idea. Plan your wedding here in Mont St Michel.

Mont St Michel is an island located in Normandy. This rocky island is about one kilometer from the northern French coast. It is a famous landmark in French. Many people come to this place and spend their times with people they love. It has many beautiful spots that make people love it.

This is why you have to plan your wedding in Mont St Michel. There are reasons why you have to choose this place for your wedding.

Romantic Place

French is famous for its romantic places. There are some familiar romantic places for people around the world such as Eiffel Tower, Pont des Arts or bridge of padlock love, and Hotel Saint James. Mont St Michel is the other romantic place in French.

Although it is a small island, but there are many people spend their time in here. They stay in hotels in along the tiny alleys for a romantic gate away. This reason is a good start to think about to plan your wedding in Mont St Michel. It will give you romantic experiences during your weeding plan.

You can utilize the beautiful spots in the area to take some memorable moments for your wedding. There is a great monastery stands in the middle of this island named Baie du Mont St Michel. It is really a perfect place for your wedding ceremony. You will feel the romantic atmosphere during the ceremony.


There are some accommodation choices in this area, from hotel until the transportation. If you are still unsure about where should you perform your wedding. Les Ormes is the answer for you. You will get 15% reduction for your guests at the 3-star hotel, apartments and studios.

Although this island is far from the downtown, but it is easy to get the transportation. We can go to Mont St Michel from Paris by train. There is a train that goes directly to the Mont St Michel. But it takes a lot of time about a day journey. That is why you have to prepare it before. It is still easy for you.

When you are already in Mont St Michel, you can explore the areas by bus, drive or even walking. You do not have to worry about the transportation. It is a good idea to plan a wedding in Mont St Michel because the transportation is not difficult to get. For those who like nature more, it is also a good place because you can explore the beautiful places by foot.

These two above are the reasons why you have to plan a wedding in Mont St Michel. This island is very beautiful to be the place of your wedding ceremony. It has some unique and beautiful spots for your wedding or also for honeymoon. It is because both area and transportation are worth it to plan a wedding in Mont St Michel.