Qualities That You’ve Found a Great Hotel

When it’s time to travel to meet up with your family or just visit that vacation spot that you love, it’s likely you already have the ideal hotel in mind. When you find a place that is hospitable, you tend to stay there time and time again. It’s likely you’ve also told all your friends and family about their great service as well.

However, when you’re headed to a new destination, you don’t always know what to expect. If no one you know has visited the location, picking a hotel can be a tough feat. For this reason, we have included a few qualities that will help you to identify which hotels are going to be the most hospitable for your stay.

Friendly Staff Service 

This is always a must. A friendly staff is not something that can be faked. Before you book your reservation take a look at some of the online reviews from what other people are saying about the staff when they stayed at the hotel. The common things that come up in most reviews are the most truthful. You should even give the hotel a call to see how they answer the phone and if they provide you with the first-rate service you deserve or if you end up spending most of your time on hold.

Provide Honest Information 

The hotel staff is your link to the features and popular attractions at your destination. They should be able to recommend the best times to visit tourist locations, which ones are overrated, the best places to catch the sunset, or directions to places, such as the Mt Hutt Ski Field. A hospitable hotel staff will provide their honest recommendations and not try to sell you special tours where the hotel gets a kick back from the touring company.

Have A Great Location 

It doesn’t matter how luxurious a hotel is if it’s located way out of the destination you are touring. A great hotel doesn’t need to be right on the downtown strip, but it does need to be within walking distance or close enough to a transport service that will allow you to visit the attractions in the area. A great location will always save you time, money, and energy so you can get to doing the things on your bucket list.

Clean And Orderly 

When you walk through the front doors of a hotel, the area should be clean. The staff shouldn’t be running around like crazy people. A good hotel has order to it and all areas are clean. When you get to your room it should be neatly prepped for your visit. If you notice that certain rooms in the hotel, such as the pool or common room, aren’t that clean, it’s likely the cleanliness of the hotel is not a priority or the hotel is understaffed. Either way, you don’t want to be staying at a hotel that makes you feel dirty every time you walk through the doors.

Finding a good hotel can be a challenge when you are visiting popular tourist destinations. We’ve all seen those hole in the wall hotels that falsely advertise to get money from unsuspecting customers who are not familiar with the town. Do yourself a favor and avoid that mess by ensuring any potential hotel you are staying at has all the quality traits listed above.