Some Signs of a Toxic Relationship Every Teen Should Know

Romantic relationships typically involve a lot of emotions. Some are healthy and some could be unhealthy. It’s important to know the signs of an unhealthy relationship in order to know whether it is safe to stay with the person. Some toxic relationships are worse than others. They often start off great. The other person seems perfect. Soon though, they start to show signs of their true personality and it isn’t pretty. Many people stay in these relationships too long because they hope it will go back to the way it was in the beginning.

Unfortunately, even though a person like this might apologize and start acting better for a little while, they usually go right back to their unhealthy habits. In many cases, each time the behavior goes away, it comes back even worse. If a person stays in a relationship with a man or woman like this for too long, it may eventually turn violent. Knowing the signs of a toxic relationship ahead of time can help a person avoid getting themselves in a dangerous situation.

Although every relationship is different, toxic relationships have some things in common. Toxic relationships often include a lot of arguing. One person always feels like they need to defend themselves against unwarranted accusations. As time goes on, these accusations become more and more frequent. The person doesn’t make them because they actually think their partner is cheating or mismanaging money. The more likely reason is because they are trying to control them.

A clear sign that someone is in a toxic relationship is that they don’t know what to expect from their partner. They never know if they are going to be in a good or bad mood and are going to treat them nicely or with contempt. This leads a person to walk on eggshells and be virtually afraid to speak in their own home, for fear that their thoughts, opinions or observations will be met with an argument. People in toxic relationships may also feel isolated from their friends because they don’t want to be around their partner. Getting out of this kind of relationship starts with recognizing it as toxic.