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Mechanical Seals – Why Use Them? The need to ensure that mechanically joined parts are very well connected cannot be overemphasized. This ensures not only the strength of the device but also keeps the device parts together. However, there are times that such structures do hold fluids or other matter. In this case, there is need to have joints being very well connected to avoid leakage. Seals are the best option in such situations. To solve this leakage problem, mechanical seals are used. So what are mechanical seals? Well, mechanical seals are devices that are used whenever systems are being joined mechanically. Their main purpose is to prevent leakage that could be occasioned by weak connections especially at opening of structures or joints. In some cases, seals may be referred to as packing due to the fact that they keep anything inside a system from leaking. Sealants and gaskets are some forms of mechanical seals. Sealants join parts using the power of adhesives. This means that how effective a sealant will be is purely dependent on how strong the adhesive is. Gaskets on the other hand use pressure to keep two parts of the system together and avoid leakage. It is therefore clear that the effectiveness of gaskets is dependent on compression.
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There are several types of mechanical seals. The apex seal is however the most common. The fact that it is used mainly at the opening of containers and devices makes it common. This is where it derives the name apex. Apex seals are mostly used in devices that hold fluids. The seals must be very strong because in most situations such devices are usually strong and power strong machinery. The use of pressure in apex seals guarantees strong connection.
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Apex seals are mainly used in some types of engines of motor vehicles. Rotary engines are such engines that use apex seals. Due to the fact that an engine is a powerful device, there is need to use the best seal to avoid any mechanical problems. Apex seals hence come in handy since strength and durability are the main qualities of this type of seal. The number of apex seals to be used on an engine depends on the type of engine. Most engines in the market require at least three apex seals. Failure to use seals in devices such as rotary engines can attract terrible problems. Some devices use seals to keep dangerous fluids contained. Fuels are some of the fluids that can be contained using seals. Such fuels may find their way out of the device under extreme pressure if seals are absent or they are weak. Burns to people standing near such devices at such a time can be occasioned by this situation. Researchers advise on people seeking advice from credible mechanical experts before deciding on which seal to use on which device. Professional advice from mechanical engineers would come in handy.