Top Christchurch Beaches You Should Visit

Anyone hitting the Christchurch region on their campervan hire new zealand journey in the summer months will definitely want to check out some of the beaches in the area. There are so many great spots for a beach day that it may seem overwhelming at first when doing your planning. From prime surf spots to scenic water view heaven to secluded, undeveloped beaches perfect for hiking, Christchurch is a paradise for beach lovers. Campers have been hitting Christchurch for many years to enjoy the dozens of beach spots on offer in the immediate area. Make sure to check out these beaches when you’re in the region and you definitely won’t be disappointed.

Taylors Mistake

Taylors Mistake is a prime surfing spot located just a stone’s throw from Christchurch. Situated close to Godley Head Recreational Reserve, the area is also great if you’re into  running, hiking and, and biking. There are a great many tracks along the coast that offer stunning water views and the chance to see some of the area’s with wildlife. The beach itself is pristine and perfect for swimming, sunning, or catching some waves on the world-famous breaks.

Corsair Bay

This truly gorgeous bay is only a couple of minutes’ drive from Christchurch and  is the perfect place to relax and enjoy some unbelievable water views. The swimming here is well known, and swimmers love making their way out to the pontoon just offshore. Corsair Bay is one of the most stunning natural spots in the region, which is really saying a lot, so make sure to at least stop here during your trip.

New Brighton Beach

This unique and gorgeous beach is famous for its long pier and its one of a kind sea view library. There are many water sports that you can get up to here, including paddle boarding, swimming, surfing, boogie boarding, and more. There is a reason this beach has long been popular with travelers, and this is the stunning, panoramic water views that really give you a sense of the unique New Zealand shoreline. From any point on the beach you can stare out at many miles of water in both directions and can see along the coastline as well. The true beauty of a campervan hire new zealand journey is learning about the land, and at New Brighton you can learn with your eyes.

Waikuku Beach

This famous  stretch of beach offers some of the best fishing to be had in all of New Zealand, so make sure if you’re an avid fisherman to bring along your gear. It is also known as a family friendly beach with lots of amenities, so if you’re traveling with children then this is your beach for sure. Just off the beach there is a playground, paddling pool, flying fox, tennis court, basketball court and a skateboard area. Plus, just outside the beach area there are a number of well known nature trails to enjoy.

Sumner & Scarborough 

This always popular swimming and surfing spot has long been a favorite with campers. The sandy beach is one of the most pleasing and beautiful in the region and is perfect for a lazy beach day. There is also a beach promenade if you feel like taking a stroll, and make sure to grab an ice-cream from one of the many ice-cream parlours in the area that will be a refreshing break from your day in the sun.

Akaroa Banks Peninsula

Avid swimmers can enjoy a dive off the legendary Daly’s Wharf. There are also a great number of outer bays to explore in the immediate area. Enjoy the cute restaurants & cafés along the waterfront in Akaroa, which will be the perfect place for drinks and meal after a great day exploring the bays, swimming, or just enjoying the stunning views.

Woodend Beach

This beach is incredibly popular with the locals, and it won’t take you long to find out why with its large array of swimming and surfing opportunities, not to mention walking, running, horse riding, and a playground area for picnics and lounging in the sun. If you wanted to try a beach that is a little less crowded and not so full of tourists, this is your location for sure.

A summer campervan hire new zealand journey is all about exploring the coastlines of this country which are undeveloped and stunningly gorgeous in all directions. One of the best places to do this is Christchurch, where there are so many beach spots it makes for the perfect summer stop. No matter if you are looking to swim, hike, fish, surf, or more, there is sure to be a beach for you in the immediate Christchurch area. No summer new zealand trip is complete without a stop in Christchurch.